I started to blog about our wedding plans just a couple of months after being engaged, because it was the perfect way to let all of the ones involved what my ideas were, especially since I was still living in Chile and Ken was here, in California.


After a few blog post, I was accepted to write for Weddingbee, under the alias Ms. Poodle. I loved that experience and the warm welcome of the whole community, the sharing ideas, projects, and advice. After experiencing how awesome blogging can be, I decided to start this blog. I guess I just love it too much now 🙂

I handmade pretty much everything for our wedding, my dress, my bridesmaids' dresses, the guy's vest, all of out flowers (paper, clay, and fabric were used, no natural flowers for this girl). I also designed the invitations, signs, made wood table numbers and accents, baked all of our dessert buffet sweets and made it all work under $4,000 for the whole wedding =] Pretty cool huh? (My wedding outfit: dress, accessories, and boots were $70 total) My now father in law build out gorgeous outdoor chapel and all of our friends and family helped to make our wedding day, one we will never forget. In this case, the “It takes a village” was kind of literal hehe.

Below I listed all the post I wrote over at Weddingbee for our Recaps, I tried to cover most of our wedding, but if you want to read more about the planning process you can do so here ♥.

wedding picture

[ All images by the amazing Next Exit Photography ]